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STS established its warehouse in Houston in 2002, opened up its Singapore branch in 2011, and opened its Dubai facility in 2013. STS stocks and distributes Sara Sae manufactured products through these warehouses.

Sara Sae is a global leader in oilfield equipment manufacturing. Since 1978, Sara Sae has been manufacturing a wide range of oilfield equipment to the highest standards, using the latest design techniques and processes, with state of the art CNC machines. Sara provides its customers with innovative and quality products that are available worldwide through STS and distributors in 30+ countries.

Sara Sae is a more experienced manufacturer of quality products than any other Indian company. All equipment and products are fabricated in API and ISO accredited manufacturing facilities. Sara is approved under API 6A, 7K, 16A, 16C, 16D, 11E and 17D – and additionally has ATEX, CE and GOST approvals.

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    STS’s BOP (Blowout Preventer) Accumulator Units meet or exceed API 16D design specification. We engineer each control system, whether standard or custom, to assure reliable BOP stack control with an adequate reserve for continuous operation under emergency conditions. Our newest remote control panel design offers outstanding capability across a range of functions. Offshore drilling rigs require air-electric control panels.


    Air-Remote Panels control rig air pressure to the hydraulic control manifold that operates the manifold functions. STS Programmable Logic Control (PLC) and Electric Air Remote panels are offered in several models to meet both standard requirements and custom applications. Our PLC based LCD color touchscreen system provides pressure readout monitoring for multiple functions. Requirements include an air interface module on the accumulator unit and an air interconnect for linking to the air remote panel to the interface module. Additionally, air-electric panels have an explosion proof light station for each BOP stack function.


    STS Metallic Ring Joint Gaskets are suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications, and are manufactured in accordance within specific tolerances on CNC machines. They fully comply with the ASME B16.20 standard and API 6A requirements (where applicable). STS also manufactures Ring Joint Gaskets, in a variety of standard and special materials, which are monogrammed as per API 6A. They are available in R, RX, BX styles and in oval or octagonal profiles, and are fully compliant with ASME and API specification requirements.


    STS Hammer Unions are manufactured from steel forgings using materials calibrated to specific pressure ratings both for standard and sour service. Consistent with the latest NACE specifications, this customizable product is available in different end connection configurations and in low-temperature applications.  It is also Waco interchangeable, and includes full documentation for traceability. End connection options include standard API line pipe threads and butt weld ends customized according to the customer’s specified pipe requirements.


    We offer nine basic types of flanges, tees and crosses. STS studded crosses and tees, and flanged crosses and tees, are consistent with the design requirements and tables in API Spec 6A. Spools and Wellhead Accessories conform to API 16A and API 6A, as well as customer specific requirements. weldneck flanges with API Specified 6B and 6A units have restricted bores to match standard or customized pipe sizes and schedules. Swivel flanges permit 360 degree rotation of an outer ring around a hub. Our swivel flanges, adapter flanges, adapter spools, spacer spools, and drilling spools come in every size and pressure rating.


    Available in sizes 3/4″ through 3″ and up to 15,000 psi non-stock cold working pressure, steel forged STS Swivel Joints come in 8 standard and sour service styles. These units offer a full range of state-of-the-art features, including, but not limited to, minimum flow restriction, standard packing units (operating temperature to 225 ° F), superior hardened ball races for uniform surface hardness, 360° rotation in 1, 2 or 3 planes, as well as depth for longer life under severe thrust and radial loading. We offer Mone wing union and style 50 swivel joints with threaded ends.

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