Rig Reactivation & Contract Preparation

With Harris Pye, Global Offshore and Marine, Aggrego and OES in the portfolio, Joulon is able to undertake a wide range of rig reactivation projects on a global scale. Joulon offers project management services for drilling rig reactivation scopes, from either a completely cold state or from a warm state. Our experienced project management teams work through the entire life-cycle of a project, from planning to execution, while continuously monitoring progress and providing after project support, as required.

Scopes are created using stage gate process while considering customer inputs and requirements, regulatory and compliance requirements, local constraints, and review of historical preservation and maintenance records.

  • Standardized Processes: Our standardized processes and highly competent teams, combined with the deep technical expertise of the portfolio companies, enables us to find cost-effective solutions, enabling lean rig startups.
  • Deep Project Expertise and Experience: Harris Pye, GOM, Aggrego and OES, supported by our Asset Management experts, allow us to offer decades worth of experience for a wide range of project types, under a single project management team.
  • Technology, Alternate Approaches and Ensuring Operational Integrity: Joulon’s lean approach to rig reactivation is enabled by our focus on technology-enabled solutions in the portfolio companies. Ranging from Phase Array UT of key components, and robotic scanning of structures and risers to class approved Risk Based Methodologies, we deploy them all.

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