MPD works

Joulon, through its portfolio companies, has successfully installed MPD system for numerous rigs. These include:

  • Transocean Asgard
  • OCR Corcovado
  • OCR Mykonos
  • Maersk Deliverer
  • Maersk Valiant

3D Survey and Design

Utilizing our capabilities to conduct a 3D survey offshore, our engineers can create a 3D environment based on the data collected and route the entire system and address any issues prior to material procurement, fabrication and installation. This reduces the overall costs and duration of the project.

Design & Fabrication

We design and install all interconnecting piping and electrical cable routing for Riser Gas Handling (RGH) system on-board the rig.

We provide a design team that works extensively with the client to deliver a piping design with 3D modelling through laser scanning, together with design & analysis of platforms and ancillary equipment foundations to the drill ships structure satisfying both class and clients requirements.

Prefabrication of piping and structure is completed in our workshops. All API blocks are fabricated in our workshops.




Work can be completed in one of our many workshops across the world and shipped to the destination for assembly and installation. Skilled manpower is deployed for installation.


Project Showcase

OCR Corcovado and Mykonos

Our scope included the installation of a Weatherford MPD package, which included the MicrofluxTM Control System and BTR-S Rotating Control Device.

The main items of the system were:

  • Defining MPD equipment layout.
  • Proposing the surface piping route.
  • Identification of any blockage to implement the proposed P&ID on the rig.
  • Identification of location for Operator and Driller Panels.
  • Lay-down and Installation of MPD equipment.
  • Installation of piping system.
  • Power supply and rig air availability for MPD equipment.
  • Installation of stroke counters on rig pumps.
  • Preparation of a complete report, including pictures and drawings.




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