Decommissioning and Simplification


DSL has been involved in top side decommissioning since the early 90’s when modules such as the DES (Drilling Equipment Set) on a platform would be removed (due to redundancy) in order to reduce deck load on aging platforms. Since then, we have been involved in a multitude of decommissioning projects on a variety of installations including fixed platforms, FPSO’s and MODU’s.

Our experience in rig upgrade/refurbishment projects, especially where specialized rigging solutions and dismantling/assembly techniques have been required, has enabled us to easily transverse our resources to decommissioning projects. Decommissioning can, and does, offer unique challenges when it comes to the dismantling of aging infrastructure, and often requires bespoke solutions to overcome those challenges.

At DSL, our Engineering and Offshore Construction departments are able to combine their experience to work out the successful planning and execution of such projects – as they have done on so many occasions in the past. Whether you need bespoke services to deal with a particular element of your overall decommissioning project, reduction of deck loads through partial decommissioning, or complete top sides removal, we can support you with a pedigree of previous experience and knowledge.


Another aspect of our services is the Asset Simplification of older installations, especially smaller installations such as Southern Sector gas platforms. DSL has a strong track record in the simplification of such installations to assist our customers in converting them to remote facilities or requiring significantly reduced personnel to operate.

As with our Asset Integrity services, DSL’s ability to provide a seamless solution incorporating surveys, engineering, detailed design, fabrication, procurement, and installation, strips away layers of logistical and interface costs along with associated issues.  This service represents a cost effective and efficient solution for our customers. The proactive approach of our offshore personnel, many of which are multi-disciplined and able to perform restricted access work scopes with rope access, provides another cost effective aspect to our scope of supply.


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