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Audit, Assurance And Verification

Joulon through its Asset Management team and OES offers Auditing, Assurance and Verification services for the energy industry.

OES is one of the few companies which is approved by several large operators like Shell for rig acceptance on Operators behalf. OES offers these services for New build or rig refurbishment projects, Rig acceptance, Operations, Maintenance systems to drilling and production segments.


  • IAT
  • Equipment FAT
  • Fair Market Valuation (FMV)
  • Operating Procedure Creation and Refinement
  • PM System Audit, Gap Analysis and Preparation
  • Contractual and regulatory gap analysis – new builds or reactivations
  • Auditing of New-build or Repair Yard Facilities and Service Companies
  • Rig Compliance and Acceptance Audits on Offshore or Land Drilling Units and Offshore Support Vessels


Apart from being industry veterans and Subject Matter Experts, our auditors are:

  • Inclined towards fault finding and providing solutions
  • Provide strong support and expert insight to the client
  • Strong leaders with good communication skills, and highest ethical standards.
  • Extremely knowledgeable and experienced across a broad range of equipment and facilities
  • Up to speed with industry standards, client policies and procedures, OEM requirement, regional legislation, etc.


  • Expert technical back-up
  • What’s behind the teams at site?
  • Global spread of support offices and SME’s
  • Off the shelf audit solutions for all rig types
  • Offline, online and tablet based report systems
  • A depth of knowledge that is largely unmatched
  • Provide completely bespoke work-scopes and solutions.
  • A technical library that covers industry standards, client specifics, OEM requirements, Class requirements, and so on.
  • The ability to completely tailor work-scopes to incorporate client specifics (drilling contracts, internal  policies, local legislation, etc.)


  • Constellation 1

    OES personnel conduct a detailed audit of all systems on the Constellation 1 in Indonesia, followed by a close-out audit once the rig arrives in the UAE, on behalf of Bunduq in Abu Dhabi. Bunduq have been utilizing OES to conduct their audit services for over 15 years.

  • EDrill 1

    OES auditors carry out a comprehensive audit of the “EDrill 1” Tender Assist rig in China prior to the rigs contract commencement in Myanmar. One of the many rig audits OES have carried out for PTTEP in Oman, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, China and the UAE over more than 15 years of working closely with PTTEP on rig compliance and efficiency.

  • Noble Driller

    Shell utilized OES to conduct a gap analysis audit the PM system of the Semisubmersible “Noble Driller”, in the Gulf of Mexico, in order to help reduce rig down-time. Then OES work closely with Noble to update the rigs system. This is one of more than 200 rigs OES have audited for Shell in various locations around the world.

  • COSL Craft

    OES conduct an audit of the COSL Craft for COSL Drilling as part of internal multi-rig compliance audits for COSL, one of many Drilling Contractors who have utilized OES for internal audits and project support, including Transocean, GDI, Halliburton, Aban, Schlumberger, Diamond Offshore, Weatherford, Ensco, Maersk Drilling, Shelf Drilling, Nabors, Seadrill, Saipem and many others.