Asset Preservation

Joulon offers complete packages for stacking and preservation project management – from asset inspection to design of preservation plan, execution and maintenance of preservation for entire duration until reactivation of asset.

As part of our preservation philosophy, we use elements of both de-humidification and chemical preservation to achieve optimum and cost effective techniques that are specifically designed for the long term preservation of each type of asset.  Our design is also based on environmental conditions at location and practicality of maintaining preservation.

The preservation plan is prepared considering modern corrosion protection techniques that minimize expenses while reducing wear and tear, plus optimizing crew costs, fuel consumption and reactivation scopes.

As is well known, quality of asset preservation has a strong correlation to the asset reactivation costs and duration.

We also provide lean monitoring and maintenance services during the cold stacked phase of assets. Lean crews and drone solutions are utilized to monitor critical aspects of cold stacked assets.

We specialize in preservation of entire range of drilling assets like Jackups, Semis and Drillships to critical equipment like risers and BOPs and Control systems.

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