Project Management

Our Offerings

The companies forming our project management platform execute a wide range of projects, from major repair and upgrade to in-service UWILD/SPS. We are a leading player in platform decommissioning, stacking and preservation, rig start-ups, and contract prep. Our forte is integrated asset management for onshore and offshore drilling rigs and production facilities.


We offer design and installation of high pressure pipework systems for cooling water, hydraulic control systems, fire-fighting systems, etc in a wide range of specialist materials.

Highly experienced top-side decommissioning capability, backed by solid engineering.

We do it all – design of preservation plan, equipment lay-down, preservation application and maintenance and monitoring of preservation for entire duration until reactivation of asset.

Drilling rig reactivation and contract preparation at a global scale over the entire life-cycle of the project from planning to execution.

Audit, assurance and verification services through one of the most trusted names in the industry – OES. New build or rig refurbishment projects, Rig acceptance, Operations and Maintenance systems covered.

Over three decades of experience in all areas of ship repairs and conversions from repainting to full mechanical servicing.

UWILD/SPS inspections without shutting down production or drilling, utilizing ROVs, drones and rope access.

Design, fabrication and installation of MPD system for rigs.

We design, build, install, commission and maintain electrical and instrumentation control systems for the marine, oil and gas, petrochemical and power industries.

API 4F approved modification and upgrade services, offered globally.

Design, in-house manufacture and installation of a myriad of elements tailored to suit client’s individual needs and budgets.

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