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Ring Joint Gaskets & Flow Iron


Joulon hammer unions are manufactured from steel forgings using materials appropriate to specific pressure ratings, and are available in a wide choice of end connections. API line pipe threads are standard and butt weld ends can be provided upon request. Sour service is available and all H2S service parts of hammer unions conform to the latest NACE specifications.

Hammer unions can be supplied for low temperature applications with suitable impact value testing, and all components of the same size and figure number are Weco interchangeable. All union nuts have three hammer lugs. Unions are supplied with full traceability documentation for each component.


Available in sizes 3/4” through 3” and up to 15,000 PSI non-shock cold working pressure.

Joulon swivel joints offer the following features:

  • Minimum flow restriction.
  • Heavy duty hex head style ball loading plug.
  • Grease retainer ring (ensures clean ball race).
  • Standard packing units (operating temperature up to 225°F).
  • High temperature packing units (operating temperature up to 450°F).

Superior hardened ball races ensure uniform surface hardness and depth for longer life under severe thrust and radial loading.Standard swivel joints are provided with API line pipe threads.

  • Available for standard and sour service.
  • Other end connections are available on request.
  • All sizes are available in 8 styles, for 360° rotation in 1, 2 or 3 planes.


Joulon manufactures chicksan pup joints with integral, welded, or NPST union end connections from 10,000 to 15,000 PSI NSCWP and for standard or sour service.


Joulon metallic ring joint gaskets are suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications. The joint gaskets are available in R, RX, and BX styles, in oval/octagonal profiles, and fully comply with the ASME B16.20 standards and API spec 6A requirements as applicable. Joulon manufactures within specific required tolerances on CNC machines, and is authorized to monogram ring joint gaskets as per API 6A. The units are manufactured in a variety of standard and special materials.

Main features:

  • Split gaskets – used where an API flange is to be joined with low pressure ANSI flange where a spiral wound gasket is used.
  • R type (oval and octagonal) solid sections to fit standard ring joint flanges with trapezoidal grooves.
  • Types RX and BX with complex beveled edge sections for wellhead pressures above 700 bar.
  • Combination gaskets – used where two flanges of different sizes are to be joined together.
  • Special metal gasket built to customer specifications.


  • Non-standard: high nickel alloys, super alloy steels and other stainless grades.
  • Standard: soft iron, low carbon steel, alloy steels F5 and 410; stainless steels 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321 and 347.
  • Rubber coated ring joint gaskets: soft iron metal ring joint gaskets are coated with nitrile rubber for testing wellhead assemblies and valves; rings can be reused and do not damage flange grooves.