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High Pressure Manifolds And Valves


Joulon has delivered and installed over 80 choke and kill manifolds around the globe; the first manifold was delivered in 2000. Each manifold system is manufactured in-house by trained operators. The reliability of the product is a result of advanced manufacturing techniques and the enforcement of strict quality controls.

The manifolds are designed and manufactured in conformance with API 16C and API Standard 53, coupled with customer requirements. Manifolds are available in working pressures up to 15,000 psi and are rated for sour gas service.

  • Material class DD-0.5 to EE-NL
  • Temperature class L to X (-50 to 350 degF)
  • Product specification level: PSL 2 or 3/3G
  • Inconel 625 overlay
  • ABS or DNV certification

Manifolds are delivered as an end-to-end solution, and are customized and installed as per customer requirements – with Joulon providing support for the entire lifecycle of the product.

All associated parts such as manual or hydraulic gate valves, check valves, manual or hydraulic drilling chokes, erosion spools, studded blocks, flanges, targets, etc. are supplied as spares.


Joulon standpipe manifolds are designed and manufactured to suit customer requirements and are available in working pressures up to 7,500 psi. Construction is available in weld end, flange end, hub end or hammer union type. The manifold is comprised of mud valves, forged manifold fittings, bleed off choke, pressure sensors and local pressure gauges.

Standard options available:

  • ANSON/Demco mud gate valves
  • Material class DD-0.5 to EE-NL
  • Temperature class P to U with K and L to special order
  • Product specification level: PSL 2 or 3 (including mud valves)
  • Third party design, approval and certification
  • Skid mounted, if required



Joulon cement manifolds are designed and manufactured to suit customer requirements, and are offered with a wide range of hammer union-ended connections. The cement manifold consists of plug valves, forged tees and crosses. Manifolds are available up to a pressure rating of 15,000 psi.

Standard options available:

  • ANSON plug valves
  • Material class DD-0.5 to EE-NL
  • Temperature class P to U with K and L to special order
  • Product specification level: PSL 2 or 3
  • Third party design, approval and certification
  • Skid mounted, if required

Joulon cement manifolds are supplied fully certified in accordance with the recognized oilfield equipment standards. Joulon has an in-house team to carry out onsite welding, PWHT, X-ray, pressure testing and inspection for offshore and onshore installations. This facilitates the installation of the manifold and all associated high pressure piping – starting from the cementing unit up to the manifold, providing complete system installation capability.


Testing of production wells is carried out to assess the reservoir potential under dynamic conditions. It validates well performance during cleanup and commissioning and allows for various reservoir parameters to be monitored for better field management. Joulon designs and manufactures well test manifolds and well test lines allowing you to effectively clean up and commission the well prior to its connection to the permanent production facility. This well test equipment can be built to the customer’s specific requirements.


Joulon provides customers with reliable inspection, repair, and certification services for all types of high pressure valves and manifolds. These services can be provided infield, in customer yards, or in our workshops – as required. Inspection and certification strictly follows API 6A and 16C requirements, where applicable. Our goal is to ensure reliable and continuous operation of our high pressure equipment in order to deliver the expected performance with minimal out of service periods.


Joulon offers API 6A gate valves ranging from size 1-13/16” to 7-1/16” with pressure ratings from 2,000 psi to 15,000 psi.

The design incorporates:

  • Spring-loaded, pressure-energized, non-elastomeric lip-seal between the seat and the body, providing protection against particle intrusion and preventing body erosion.
  • Stem shoulder that can be back seated against the bonnet to isolate the stuffing box, allowing for field replacement of the stem packing while the valve is under pressure.
  • Non-rising stem, supported by two needle roller thrust bearings, which prevents cavity pressure increase or displacement of cavity lubricant.
  • Minimum number of parts in the gate and seat assembly; one piece seat and gate ensures reliable sealing and ease of field service.
  • Special spring-loaded, pressure-energized, non-elastomeric stem packing design.
  • Bottom retainer plate, provided as a gate guide during operations.
  • Metal to metal sealing between the gate and the seat.

For severe service applications, weld-clad or corrosion resistant alloy linings are applied to base forgings for maximum protection of the valve’s internal service area.


Joulon’s hydraulically actuated gate valves are designed as a combination of the field proven manual gate valve and a double acting hydraulic actuator. The valve is full-bore and through conduit, and is available in standard double flange, threaded end or special block body configurations.

The hydraulic gate valve is fitted with a balancing lower stem to work in conjunction with a double acting hydraulic actuator which provides positive, reliable control through the entire stroke of the valve. Should a failure of hydraulic power occur, this valve will remain in position. A double acting actuator with a spring return feature is also available to achieve a fail-safe (close) position.



Joulon’s hydraulically actuated drilling chokes are available in flange size 31/8”, 31/16” and 41/16” with working pressures of 5,000 psi, 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi. Standard orifice size is 2” with other sizes available upon request. All parts are suitable for H2S service and a working temperature class L to X (-50 to 350 degF). The plug and seat in the choke can be replaced without removing the choke from the manifold.



Joulon check valves incorporate a metal to metal seal for high pressure and high temperature environments where elastomer seals cannot be used. The check valves are available in standard pressure ratings from 3,000 psi to 15,000 psi and in sizes from 1-13/16” through 7-1/16”. The check valves are used in choke manifolds, christmas tree injection and kill lines, and are suitable for use with oil, gas, water or drilling fluids. They are available in all temperature and material classes as well as product specification levels (PSL) as specified in API 6A.




Joulon has the capability to carry out on-site welding, PWHT, X-ray, pressure testing and inspection in offshore and onshore installation environments. Joulon can design, manufacture and install all the under drill floor high pressure piping – this covers the choke line, kill line, cement line, standpipe line, boost line and well test line starting from the respective equipment and up to the drill floor manifolds. The scope could range from all new installations to specific replacements required after post gauging inspections. Installations are carried out by a highly trained piping team with an excellent safety and service quality record. The team has experience in many countries and on a variety of projects.


Joulon manufactures spacer spools (riser spools) in all sizes and pressure ratings that are compliant to API 6A and API 16A. These spools are suitable for wellhead extension, BOP installation, choke and kill manifold, and production manifold applications. They have the same nominal end connection flanges as per API 6A, and are provided with length as per customer requirement. Each spool is drift tested to ensure that access to the wellbore is not restricted.



Adapter spools (cross over spools) are used for BOP space out and wellhead hookups. Joulon manufactures adapter spools in various sizes and pressure ratings with API 6A and API 16A compliance as required, and offers the spools in either forged or welded construction. Adapter spools have end connections that differ from one another in nominal size and pressure rating, and are designed to avoid fouling upon bolt fit up. Each spool is drift tested to ensure that access to the wellbore is not restricted. Lifting eye bolts are provided if necessary.



Drilling spools usually have the same nominal end connections and nominal side outlet connections, but can be configured as per customer requirement. They can be supplied in all standard API 16A sizes and types with any combination of flange or hub sizes, material grades and pressure ratings.


Joulon manufactures double studded adapter flanges (DSAF) in various sizes and pressure ratings which are supplied with appropriate size studs with nuts duly fitted. DSAF’s provide an ideal solution for the hook-up of two different pieces of equipment with different size and pressure ratings, where there is a restriction of space.


Joulon manufactures weld neck flanges, blind flanges, threaded companion flanges and test flanges in various sizes and pressure ratings as per API 6A. Basic material of construction is low alloy steel. For corrosion resistance, we can provide SS 316 or alloy 625 overlay on the ring groove.