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DSA, MGS and BOP Test Units


Joulon designs and manufactures drilling spool in accordance with API product specification API 16A. Drilling spools are designed to allow smooth circulation of mud during the drilling environment. Drilling spools are used for BOP hookup. They usually have the same nominal top and bottom end connections. Side outlets may differ from each other. Top, bottom and side end connections can be hub end or flanged.
Welding is done in accordance with the applicable API specification and ASME Section IX. Each spool is drift tested to ensure that access to the well bore is not restricted.
Basic material of construction is alloy steel. Application of CRA (AISI 316L or Nickel alloy 625) enhances the corrosion resistance ability of ring groove, thus enhance the product life.



Joulon offers mud gas separators for a range of configurations and capacities. Mud gas separators are installed downstream of the choke manifold and are used to separate large pockets gas from the active mud system. In addition to manufacturing a new unit, Joulon can carry out onboard installation of the separator and required pipe connections.

The mud gas separators are designed per customer requirements and include fully certified capacity calculations in accordance with the recognized oilfield equipment standards. Joulon mud gas separators are able to meet ASME “U Stamp” for pressure vessels and meet ASME SEC. VIII, DIV-1. ED. 2013 Design and Manufacturing code.



Joulon designs and manufactures diverter spools, ball valves and hoses as part of the diverter system. Drilling diverter spools can be supplied in all standard API 16A sizes and types with any combination of flange or hub sizes, material grades, pressure ratings and PSL levels. Diverter valves are operated via a quick open/close type hydraulic actuator to handle shallow gas kick conditions.

Basic material of construction is alloy steel, but for corrosion resistance, overlays like SS 316L or Inconel 625 can be incorporated to improve product life. We provide a separate control system for diverter valve operation as per customer requirement.



Joulon designs and manufactures bell nipple assemblies in various lengths and flange connection sizes to meet customer requirements. The bell nipple is an enlarged pipe at the top of a BOP/diverter, used to provide a mud return conduit. The bell nipple is fitted with a side outlet to permit drilling fluids to flow back to the surface mud treating equipment through the flow line. In addition to manufacturing capabilities, Joulon is also able to repair and refurbish bell nipple assemblies.



BOP test stumps are used for wellbore and function testing of the BOP onboard in both offshore and onshore drilling applications. Various configurations are available, with the most common being the API ring joint flange connection and clamp hub connection used for BOP installation. BOP test stumps are designed in line with API 16A product specification.



Joulon manufactures BOP test mandrels which can be manufactured with either an integral or welded pad-eye. Optional ports are available to monitor the test pressure held at the sealing element during BOP pressure testing.



Joulon manufactures BOP test units up to a pressure rating of 30,000 psi for the testing of BOP stacks, valves, choke and kill lines, and manifolds. Our skid mounted design provides a versatile service in all static high pressure testing applications. The test units are comprised of air driven pumps, valves, fittings and safety devices to ensure trouble free operation. BOP test pumps are engineered and manufactured to suit field and shop floor use. Containerized test units are also available.





Flanged tees and crosses are used in pipelines and manifolds to divert, bypass or distribute the flow of fluid. Joulon manufactures tees and crosses in various end connections, sizes and pressure ratings.



Block type butt weld fittings are used for choke and kill, mud and cement lines. Joulon uses the highest quality, fine grain, AISI 4130 forged material, and manifold fittings are manufactured to the highest industry standards and tolerances. Solid block type butt weld fittings come in various configurations; 30° elbow, 45° elbow, 90° elbow and tee.