Joulon is the industry leader in BOP control systems for the land and jackup markets, demonstrated through the supply of over 1500 closing units to customers globally. Joulon BOP control systems can be found both onshore and offshore, on the most demanding job sites and in the toughest environments in the world. Our systems are built to the highest standards, using the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques.


Joulon BOP accumulator control units meet or exceed the design specifications. Each accumulator control unit is specifically engineered to assure reliable control of the BOP stack with adequate reserve for continuous operation under emergency conditions.

Our units can include a complex diverter system with auto sequencing and safety interlocks to meet specific customer requirements. Units are available in various skid mounted configurations, rated for 3K/5K working pressure, with pneumatic and/or electric options, and ABS / DNV certifications are available on request.

Joulon also provides solar powered control units with all the flexibility and performance of our traditional units, but powered by two 24 VDC solar panels with the capacity to load the accumulator up to five times without sagging. The units are also available with optional air or nitrogen backup.


RT 138

RT138 leverages industrial grade real-time architecture with powerful networking capabilities packed around an innovative UI to assist our customers in making the right decisions at the right time.

RT138 is a solution that reduces unscheduled rig downtime by enhancing the decision making process related to preventive maintenance of BOP control units through its innovative UI, real time monitoring and powerful network capabilities. It facilitates efficient management of available human resource via displaying warnings along with performance and condition monitoring.


Conventional and smart PLC based remote control panels are available with the BOP accumulator control units. Smart PLC based remote control panels are available with pushbutton or HMI touch screen interfaces and a wireless option for a touch screen remote that can eliminate cable damage and decrease downtime during rig moves.


  • Air and battery back up
  • Impact resistant IR touchscreen
  • Logging of functions and alarms
  • Air cooler for higher temperatures
  • Minimum rig-up time; no air hose
  • Communication via co-axial cable
  • Screen displays with reduced sun glare
  • System can be retrofitted on existing units
  • Explosion proof for Class I Div. I or Class I Div. II
  • Communication via ethernet touchscreen or gauges
  • Help screen included for diagnostics without opening the panel


  • Push button for lamp test
  • Visual indications of valve position
  • Push buttons for high/low function of bypass valve
  • Push buttons for raise/lower annular regulator pressure setting
  • Push buttons from open/close function with master push button for two hand operation
  • Audible and visual alarm for low accumulator pressure, low manifold pressure, low rig air pressure and low reservoir fluid level


  • Communications via optical fiber cable
  • Wireless capability for remote communications permits remote monitoring of unit status