Marine Systems

Joulon, through its portfolio companies, offers clients in the marine sector unique and innovative solutions, whilst still upholding performance, quality and safety. We offer a broad spectrum of marine services including:

  • Boilers
  • LNG Projects
  • Green Technology
  • Mechanical Services
  • Electrical Switchgear
  • Instrumentation Services
  • Retrofitting of Ballast Water Treatment Systems
  • Accommodation Outfitting, Galleys and Modules

Ballast Water treatment  

Harris Pye offers planning and system selection for Ballast Water Treatment. This is designed to give vessel owners an objective overview of the costs and work scope involved in fitting the most suitable system for the vessel prior to selection of a treatment.

Exhaust Gas Scrubbing  

We are active in low Sulphur diesel oil (LSDO) conversions. Marpol (International Convention for the prevention of Pollution from Ships) stipulates Annex VI, which limits NOx and SOx emissions from ship exhausts. Conversions are offered as turnkey packages.

Low Sulphur technology  

Specially designed components such as pumps, filters, burner tips and flame eyes are required to ensure efficient, safe and reliable operation of boilers. Our LST proposal is based on adding an LSDO fuel system parallel to the HFO system to the vessel allowing the operator to change fuel mediums safely and efficiently.

Green technology

We supply and install environmentally friendly and efficient systems such as deck boilers, low Sulphur technology (LDSO), Ballast Water systems, Exhaust Gas Scrubbing and heat exchangers. In doing so we assists clients to meet the highest standards for low environmental impact.

LNG Projects

The range of services offered to the LNG industry encompasses inspection and consulting services, as well as repair and overhaul of all ship machinery, including main and auxiliary engines, cargo access equipment, steam plants and boilers, automation, electrical repairs and welding of sophisticated materials, as well as pipe and steel work.

Engine Overhaul  

We offer a full overhaul and reconditioning service for all types of engines via riding squads, or at our fully equipped global workshops operated by full trained and experienced repair technicians.

In Situ Machining  

We offer an in-situ reconditioning service on the following items: liner landing faces, entablature landing faces, and valve pocket landing faces. We also machine in-situ all types of valves including inlet, exhaust and starting air types.

Propeller Service  

We provide a 24-hour service with highly skilled and travelled service engineers with vast experience globally on C.P Propellers and O/D box surveys and renewals.

We also offer a full range of mechanical services including pump overhaul, generator refurbishment as well as chemical cleaning.

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