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Heavy Machinery: Cranes, Jacking, Winches



Joulon, through JVS and Thanh Ngoc, possesses excellent jacking system parts repair capability. JVS is approved by ABS and Lloyds for the re-manufacturing of parts that have failed inspections. Utilizing class approved procedures, we are able to salvage a large portion of components that would have otherwise been scrapped. This process not only leads to significant savings in parts costs, but also cuts down on lead time and inventory costs.

We can inspect, repair, and refurbish the following:

LeTourneau® 375 KIP jacking system

  • 7T ¼”P pinion
  • Inboard hub structure
  • 32T ½”P gear structure
  • Outboard hub insert structure
  • 7T ½”P pinion
  • Inboard hub insert
  • 46T 1”P gear structure
  • Outboard flange hub structure
  • 7T 1”P gearbox output pinion
  • Rack


Joulon offers complete refurbishment services for the following gearboxes

  • #4 Gearbox for LeTourneau® 375 KIP jacking system
  • NOV® NS400 20:1 reduction gearbox
  • NOV® Climbing pinion shaft assembly
  • LeTourneau® AS crane hook gearbox
  • LeTourneau® AS crane boom gearbox
  • LeTourneau® AS crane swing gearbox
  • LeTourneau® Raw water gearbox
  • LeTourneau® Skidder gear unit
  • LeTourneau® Anchor winch


Joulon will shortly be offering new parts which are geometrically compatible with “LeTourneau® 375 KIP jacking system” which was originally built by Marathon Letourneau. Parts will be manufactured in accordance with ABS 2016 MODU rules 6-1-9/5 and 6-1-9/11, and are being qualified by complete life cycle and load testing.

Joulon’s portfolio companies have significant experience with the inspection, repair, refurbishment and parts supply for the following type of cranes:

  • Deck cranes for offshore fixed and floating units
  • Knuckle-boom cranes
  • Heavy duty hoists
  • Telescopic cranes
  • Gantry cranes
  • Marine cranes



Joulon, through JVS, offers complete shop repairs for the following LeTourneau® AS crane gear boxes:

  • Swing gearbox
  • Hook gearbox
  • Boom gearbox
  • Crane boom and pedestal repairs


We service a majority of the cranes used in offshore applications. We have executed major projects ranging from mechanical, hydraulic and electrical refurbishment to structural and emergency repairs of crane systems.


We also supply a complete range of non-OEM and OPM parts for old and obsolete crane systems. Contact our sales team for information about any parts or subsystems that are either obsolete or have an unacceptably high lead time from the OEM.


We carry out inspections, in-situ repairs and refurbishment of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic subsystems on mooring winches of all makes and models. Joulon, through JVS and Thanh Ngoc, has extensive experience with mooring systems.


We have extensive capabilities in structural and gearbox repairs for mooring systems on semi-submersibles, and mooring winches on drillships and jackups.


JVS and Thanh Ngoc have executed several in-situ refurbishment projects for traction winches, gear boxes, storage reels, wild cats and their auxiliaries.


We also offer reverse engineering services for difficult to source or obsolete parts for mechanical, hydraulic or electrical components of the system.