JVS Industries


With over 25 years of experience, JVS Industries is a global leader in high-quality oil and gas industry products and services.  We specialize in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of a wide range of pressure and flow control equipment and testing.

We also offer state-of-the-art manifold drilling technology and customized engineering services enhanced by our strong commitment to research and product/process improvement.  JVS is fully equipped to provide global support for installation, continuous certification, and spare part stocking/supply.  Our experienced, well-trained service engineers and technicians provide exceptional customer support with timely delivery, rapid response, and uncompromising quality.

JVS facilities are strategically located in key regions including, but not limited to – Dubai, India, Singapore, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, and Australia. Our strong global presence is made possible by a comprehensive worldwide delivery and engineering infrastructure.  This grants us the ability to supply services, spares, repairs, re-manufacturing, and troubleshooting that are all consistent with API product guidelines and specifications.  We resolve issues ranging from delivery challenges to disputes, diplomatically and efficiently aided by thorough documentation and product/part traceability.


  • Choke Console
  • Cement Manifold
  • Manual Gate Valve
  • Stand Pipe Manifold
  • Bell Nipple Assembly
  • Choke And Kill Manifold
  • Diverter System – Bottom Supported
  • Well Test Manifold And Well Test Lines
  • Mud Gas Separator / Poor Boy De-gasser
  • Mud Pump Room High-Pressure Piping With Fittings
  • Hydraulic Actuated Gate Valve, Drilling Choke, And Check Valve
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