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About Harris Pye

The Harris Pye  Group is a global specialist in the provision of repairs, upgrades and conversions to the marine, offshore oil and gas and associated onshore industrial sectors. With over three decades of experience in the marine and associated industrial sectors, and over a decade in the offshore oil industry, they are a front-runner in new product development and in the development of new markets worldwide. They lay much emphasis on adherence to strict quality control methods and standards, supplying top quality products and fast and efficient customer service, round the clock, worldwide.


Harris Pye  offers in-situ repair, upgrade and conversion of drilling rigs, semi-submersibles, trading tankers, FSU, FSO and FPSO and FSRU units, as well as inspection and consulting services for the LNG industry. With their state of-the-art in-house facilities, they provide comprehensive overhaul, conversion and refurbishment services. Their expertise includes automation and control engineering; electrical work, construction steel works, high and low-pressure pipework, specialist welding, heat treatment, mechanical works, including pumps, and compressors, HVAC, accommodation, and outfitting. They were involved in pioneering projects when FPSOs and FSOs were still experimental in the 1980s and have been involved in more than 45% of all FPSOs conversions and new builds in the world. They had key inputs to the development of safe use of dual fuel boilers as well as safe and practical applications and installations.


Harris Pye  offers a broad spectrum of marine services. Starting out with boiler repair, they are today pioneers in the marine business offering services to LNG, cruise, LSDO, boiler service, upgrade, engine overhaul and repair, all aspects of outfitting, including HVAC and accommodation modules, through to electrical and pipe-fitting. They also have finned tube capabilities, as well as economizers. Electrical switch-gear, instrumentation and green technology are also among the services offered.


Harris Pye  offers a wide range of industrial services including boiler surveys and inspections, in addition to the design, supply, installation and commissioning of complete boiler systems, through to boiler repairs and refurbishment. They specialize in the design, fabrication, manufacture and installation of skids and pipework systems for industrial applications that include petrochemical, desalinization, power as well as oil and gas refineries. Steelworks services, specialists welding, instrumentation and control are some other industrial services provided.


  • Boilers
  • Pipework
  • Offshore Retrofit
  • Eex Surveys
  • Scaffolding
  • Green Technology
  • LNG Projects
  • Mechanical Services
  • Skid Manufacture
  • Engineering Design
  • Project Execution
  • Deck Boilers
  • Structural Steel
  • Electrical Switchgear
  • Instrumentation Services
  • Repair and Conversion
  • Protective Coatings
  • FPSO and FSO Conversion
  • Heat Exchangers and Condensers
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator(HRSG)
  • Retrofitting of Ballast Water Treatment Systems
  • Accommodation Outfitting, Galleys and Modules


  • SOX Scrubber Systems

    Installation of 2 x Inline Dual Water SOx Scrubber Systems and 2 x PureSOx 150 Multiple Inlet Hybrid Scrubber Systems for Caribbean Sea.

  • EPCI Winterization, Black Sea

    Completed derrick removal and install and winterization of Transocean’s Development Driller II.

  • Atwood Hunter Project

    Repair and refurbishment over a period of 4 months of a 5000 ft water depth drilling rig in Cameroon.

  • Ocean Princess

    Full overhaul of the Ocean Princess, a 13500 tonne Drilling rig.


Group ISO/OHSAS Certification






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