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DronePro LLC is a high-tech, Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) / Drone inspection company specializing in industrial applications. With years of experience in the industrial sector, primarily in oil and gas, DronePro has a solid history of high-level contracting experience with companies such as ExxonMobil, BHP Biliton, and Shell.  We deliver cutting-edge services that no other drone company on the planet can provide.

Our business model focuses on two priorities: Enhancing rig environment safety by using drones to make it easier for employees to stay out of dangerous rope access and confined spaces, AND offering a faster, more cost-effective pricing structure that saves our customers money over traditional safety inspections.  DronePro provides the perfect blend of oil and gas industry knowledge with drone expertise which allows us to easily execute inspections and interpret findings.

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Our extensive experience in the offshore / onshore oil and gas industry ensures that we understand your need to maintain the highest level of safety while operating at maximum efficiency.  Our high-performance drones and experienced engineers inspect your assets with great accuracy and at reduced cost compared to conventional inspection methods.

We provide inspections for Flare Stacks (live), structural issues, construction and decommissioning.  We also posses thermal imaging capabilities to perform post-storm damage surveys.
Our onshore capabilities include the same targets as those for our offshore services, as well as 2D and 3D mapping for survey grade accuracy.  We also provide tank inspections (air and ground), rig pad surveys, BLM, habitat surveys and more.
Our team delivers both long and short-range inspections and surveys with thermal capability, as needed.


Wind Turbine and Solar Inspections
We provide several methods of inspection, including high-resolution images, full HD recordings and multispectral thermal imagining – at lower costs than traditional methods.


Crop Monitoring
Our drones support crop science management by providing aerial camera shots, multispectral measurements and remote sensing equipment simultaneously.  Our drones have versatile payload platforms, can cover large surfaces, are easy to operate, and generate hard copy data for instantaneous input.  All of these capabilities can improve the quality of your production processes while lowering crop management costs.
2D Orthmapping
2D Orthmapping is a geometrical, aerial, photographic method that creates a uniform map while concurrently correcting for topographic relief, lens distortion and camera tilt. It provides an accurate representation of the surface, making it helpful for measuring true distances and creating a virtual real-life land map overview.
3D Volumetric Mapping
With customized sensors mounted to the UAS, 3D Volumetric Mapping provides efficient, affordable solutions to mapping reserves, stockpiles, extracted materials, mines and parks. This technology applies orthmosaics, counter lines, and point clouds to create 3D models and volumetric calculations.


We offer a variety of survey services to the infrastructure sector, including topographic surveys, bridge inspections, hydro plants and more.  Our high-tech drones facilitate high definition imagery, elevation data and digital terrain models to enable better planning, design and maintenance decisions.

Cell Towers
Our drones provide a more efficient, effective, inexpensive and safe solution than conventional methods. As with all UAS inspections, our engineers control and position the unmanned aircraft system to provide a live feed with onboard customizable sensors that permit inspections at a safe distance.
High Voltage Inspections
Our UAS systems are easy to deploy and can safely fly within a couple meters of high-voltage lines.  As with our other drone services, these are safe, cheap and easily implemented.

We also provide UAS inspection for bridges, hydro facilities, roads, and highways.