Employing the expertise of its portfolio companies, Joulon provides general and specialized inspection services.


  • Eddy current
  • Noise surveys
  • Lighting surveys
  • Acoustic surveys
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Vibration analysis
  • Thermographic surveys
  • Lifting gear inspections
  • Hazardous area (Ex) surveys
  • Liquid Penetrant inspection
  • Magnetic Particle inspections
  • Rig condition and acceptance surveys
  • Hydraulic hose surveys & management program
  • Calibration services – PRVs, gauges, chart recorders, etc


  • High pressure piping, valves, and manifolds – inspection and recertification
  • BOP accumulator control system inspection and re-certification
  • 3D scanning, model generation, and animations
  • Risk based inspections for structure and piping
  • Advanced NDE – PAUT for in-situ inspections
  • Hull gauging and remaining life assessment
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Crane condition assessments
  • Hardness Testing (Brinell)


OES has been a leader in Dropped Objects prevention for many years, having developed a suite of Dropped Objects services to fit varying client requirements. The services are detailed below.

  • Drops Track

  • DOPP

  • Dropped Objects e-Learning

  • Dropped Objects Training

  • OES Drops Champion


Apart from upgrade and repair capabilities, Joulon’s portfolio companies DSL and OES provide the following services for derricks, masts and substructures.

  • API 4G Cat III & IV inspections
  • Bolt change-outs
  • NDT
  • Audits

Additionally, DSL carries the API 4F & 8C licenses, which allows us to offer and execute engineered solutions to any drilling structure related issues.


It is not unusual for customers to approach us concerned that there is no documentation and/or nameplate evidence of the capacity of their drilling structure. In this situation, the normal procedure is to carry out a structural analysis of the structure based on current member geometry and condition of the structure. DSL has in-house resources to carry out every aspect of these work scopes, from survey and engineering through the installation of any replacement parts or enhancement kit that is determined necessary. The same work scope applies if you need to increase your hook load, setback, or other loads/combinations that are outside the original design criteria of the derrick.

DSL is an API 4F licensed company for drilling structures with the qualifications, accreditation, engineering resources, software, and worldwide locations to support your project needs regarding drilling derrick analysis and associated derrick structural engineering.

Upon completion of the work scope, you will be in possession of all the relevant certification and associated documentation that validates the operational capacity of your API structure.

Rig/Customer Workscope Original OEM Type of Structure
Victory Driller Refurbish & Re-certify DSL A L derrick
Noble Discoverer Upgrade & Re-certify Pyramid Dynamic Derrick
Prime Exeter Upgrade & Re-certify Joseph Paris Beam leg derrick
ECDC Re-certify Mast & Substructure
Transocean Monarch Upgrade & Re-certify Joseph Paris Beam leg derrick
Transocean 710 Refurbish & Re-certify Dreco Cantilever Mast
Shelf High Island IX Refurbish & Re-certify DSL Beam leg derrick
Shelf High Island V Refurbish & Re-certify DI Beam leg derrick
ENSCO 70 & 71 Upgrade & Re-certify Dreco Beam leg derrick
ONGC Saga Shakti, Tyoti, Pragati & Kiran 4 x Refurbish & Re-certify Pyramid L C Moore Pyramid L C Moore
ENI/Mellitha Bouri Field 2 x Refurbish & Certify Dreco Beam Leg Derricks
Noble Duchess Refurbish & Re-certify L C Moore Dynamic Derrick
Dalma Rig 10 Upgrade & Re-certify Branham Mast and Sub
Oando Passion Refurbish & Re-certify Superior Derrick Services Mast and Sub
Sitep Upgrade & Re-certify Franks Mast and Substructure