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Aggrego is a highly resourced, innovative, international provider of energy sector engineering services. Serving customers in eleven countries, we offer particular expertise in critical, complex engineering services. We are able to maintain both high quality and low costs by leveraging our excellent supplier relationships, trading experience, and buying power. Our solutions are customized to each customer’s business requirements.

We offer unique domain competencies in our offshore engineering services, allowing us to deliver them within the most challenging environments. Our technological support enables standardization and centralization of all areas critical to the functioning of energy sector businesses. Aggrego has a strong record in integrating disparate streams to achieve synergies in the fabrication and structural maintenance of business-critical systems. Across the globe, we drive standardization, system reengineering, and operational efficiency to add value to each customer’s bottom line.

Currently, energy companies must also adhere to local requirements and expectations. Our domain experts work closely with customers across verticals, using innovative technology for non-central but complex processes – transforming them into user-friendly, efficient and flexible systems. By managing this wide range of external requirements, Aggrego enables customers to focus directly on their core operations.

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Condition evaluation and subsequent remediation as per API RP 2C & 2D.
Survey evaluation and subsequent remediation as per API 4G & 4F.
Global services on a predictive basis for CAT & EMD engines.
Survey and remediation program for hazardous area electrical equipment in accordance with API 505 & 14F and IEC 600 79-10 / 79-14 / 79-17 standards.
Precision survey and remediation as per classification society standards, available globally.
Inspection and remediation services for BOP control units as per API 16D.
Inspection services with comprehensive reporting and monitoring as per LEAA guidelines.
Inspection services as per IACS classification society requirements.
Structural support as required by rigs fleet-wide in accordance with IACS classification society requirements.